AI shows what Salma Hayek would look like if she were a man |  PHOTO

AI shows what Salma Hayek would look like if she were a man | PHOTO

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving faster than anyone could have estimated. For a couple of years it has worked to simplify various tasks, however, in recent months Internet users have found functions to easily alter and create images. Fake photos of important personalities have gone viral and now it was the turn of Salma Hayek. If you have always wondered what he would look like in his male version (or not), we show you a couple of photos so you can see for yourself how “handsome” he would be.

In recent months, Internet users have begun to create a large number of fake images thanks to AI, some have been well received and taken with grace; However, this does not always happen to the extent that artists become upset that their image is altered. For this reason, digital platforms and social networks are taking measures to inform when content was created with Artificial Intelligence to prevent it from being taken as truthful.

The one who recently made use of this technology was the Mexican Salma Hayek, who played a couple of days ago with his own photographs. On the occasion of ‘April Fools’ Day’ – known as April Fools in English -, which was last April 1, he made a publication on his social networks a little out of the ordinary that consists of a photo gallery in the showing himself to be an attractive and sexy man. In the description he warned his followers.

“Be careful boys and girls, don’t be fooled this April Fool’s Day,” the Instagram post reads.

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His followers did not hesitate to let him know how handsome he would be, even in a male version, since he would retain the same Mexican features with which, since the beginning of his professional career, he has stolen sighs and compliments wherever he stops. In some comments the following phrases are read: “Listen, I don’t even like men, but I definitely accept”, “in fact, you would be a handsome man”, “I would date both of them”, “he looks a bit like Chayanne”, “You would even be a handsome man.”

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With this, the ‘Frida’ actressSalma Hayek, shows that she continues to maintain the same humor and grace that characterizes her so much and that is reflected not only on social networks but also in each of the film projects in which she participates.

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