Alessandra Rosaldo opens up about MENOPAUSE;  ‘It’s the worst thing that has ever happened to me’

Alessandra Rosaldo opens up about MENOPAUSE; ‘It’s the worst thing that has ever happened to me’


In recent days, alarms went off due to an alleged separation between Alessandra Rosaldo and Eduardo Derbez due to the most recent confessions he made behind their relationship, the beginning of it and all the problems they have faced throughout the years they have been together. It was through her stepdaughter Aislinn Derbez’s podcast in which she opened her heart and revealed details that had never come to light before, such as the crisis she experienced after becoming a mother and the strong menopause that unleashed his worst illness.

On March 26, episode 17 of the fourth season of the podcast ‘La Magia del Caos’ was released, in which, as usual, Aislinn Derbez was the host. On this occasion, her guest was her father’s wife, Alessandra Rosaldowho felt confident to talk about details of their relationship that even her stepdaughter had no knowledge of. She confessed that she broke up on a couple of occasions Eugenio Derbez Due to a crisis they had, however, when they returned they made the decision to get married and start a family together.

Furthermore, she says that her dream was always to be a mother and she managed to fulfill it at an advanced age: at 42 years old, when she faced symptoms of perimenopause, at the same time she tried to enjoy motherhood. “I got married at 40, I got pregnant at 42, Aitana was born a month before she turned 43, at 46 I was already in menopause. In other words, in five years I experienced everything: pregnancy, breastfeeding, motherhood, perimenopause, menopausepostmenopause. How could I not collapse! I experienced the entire hormonal journey of women in 5 or 6 years,” she said.


He also confessed in the podcast that all the symptoms and the strong hormonal imbalance he had were due to bad habits and lack of personal care. After a few months, she menopause undiagnosed and uncontrolled, it caused him to always have high blood pressure, that is, hypertension. As a result, she transformed her life and changed her lifestyle to relieve symptoms and improve her health.

“I am absolutely convinced that my menopause and my symptoms could have been less strong if I had had better eating habits, if I had been more consistent with exercise, because when I was more consistent it helped me a lot,” he said. Rosaldo.

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