Could Georgina Rodríguez go to prison?  Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend poses sensually in transparencies I PHOTOS

Could Georgina Rodríguez go to prison? Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend poses sensually in transparencies I PHOTOS


Georgina Rodriguez, the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo She has a beauty that can be admired with the naked eye, which is why she has become an ambassador for several prestigious brands that have considered her image to be ideal to be part of their advertising campaigns. Recently, during Paris Fashion Week, Georgina debuted as a catwalk model wearing a t-shirt signed by her famous boyfriend.

The now model also enjoys performing sensual Photographs that she wears in the publications she makes on her personal social media accounts, in which she wears clothes that allow her to show off her spectacular figure. Her beauty and the fame she has achieved since her romantic union with one of the best-known soccer players in the world have helped her gather millions of followers on social networks.

A few days ago, the Spanish woman posted a series of images where he can be seen posing inside a black car. In the photos, the model wears a long brown dress whose fabric reveals some transparencies that allow us to see some details of her underwear. These photos could get his girlfriend in trouble. Christian, because now that the player works for the Al-Nassr football club, Georgina You must respect some rules of conduct.

These are the rules of conduct that Georgina Rodríguez should follow in Saudi

There are some measures that Georgina must comply as part of the culture that is lived and respected in Arabia, since it is a country where the Muslim religion prevails, the influencer must follow a dress code that does not allow her to wear tight clothing, necklines or transparencies, no can import beverages with alcohol content or products related to pork.

Among the prohibitions that are established for the model, during the month of Ramadan she will not be able to eat, drink or smoke in public, nor is she allowed to carry out any type of religious demonstration in public. Failure to comply with these restrictions could result in Georgina the imposition of fines or some type of custodial sentence since non-compliance is considered a crime.

However, according to her personal Instagram profile, the model took those Photographs and uploaded them as part of his social media content while in the capital of his native country, Madrid. Therefore, it does not run any type of risk, on the contrary, the Photographs They reach almost a million and a half reactions, the public that follows her loves that the influencer shares content where her beauty can be appreciated.

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