Bad father?  David Guetta feels “insulted” by his children

Bad father? David Guetta feels “insulted” by his children

David Guetta is one of the most recognized DJ’s in the world and, perhaps, one of the best paid in the industry. However, for the children of the renowned musician this does not seem to be a job that takes a lot of effort.

In fact, the artist assured that his two children Tim and Angie, aged 15 and 18, see it as a hobby in which he limits himself to entertaining masses from his privileged platform. Something that the musician has described as “insulting” and the result of widespread ignorance about his profession, reviewed Yahoo.

“When they want me to buy them something, my kids always make the same joke. They tell me: ‘dad you only have to raise your arms for five minutes to get paid’. And I’m like: ‘God, how insulting! They don’t know everything behind it and what I have to do to get paid,'” he said.

The dance music star, who divorced his ex-wife Cathy in 2014 after 22 years of marriage, is aware that the contempt he receives from his offspring extends to many other sectors of public opinion.

“People think I just have a good time raising my hands and having people sing my songs. What they don’t know is that when I release an album or song, it’s one in a hundred. My hard drive is full of musical garbage », he stressed.

At 55, David Guetta feels younger than ever and enjoys the close relationship he maintains with the new generations through social networks, especially the popular TikTok and Instagram. In his opinion, his lack of ego and willingness to collaborate with new artists are a key part of the recipe for his long-term success.

«The secret of my longevity is that I have no ego. Ego is what has killed many careers. When I see a new generation of artists appear, I welcome them all. I get on TikTok, I go on Instagram to follow new producers. Many of them are 16, 18 years old, and I love talking to them,” she highlighted.

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