Bárbara de Regil on Chiquis Rivera’s physique: “It is not a body that I would make myself”

Bárbara de Regil on Chiquis Rivera’s physique: “It is not a body that I would make myself”


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The actress Bárbara de Regil has become a target of negative comments against her after expressing what some considered the least indicated way of another person’s body, and that is that it is about the singer Chiquis Rivera who cataloged that it is very “sexy”.

“It’s not my body style, It is not a body that I would make or have, It seems very sexual to me. She is beautiful, the truth is very pretty, ”said the also influencer to the press.

However, the Mexican revealed that possibly later she would not rule out the possibility of interpreting it. She, in turn, did not rule out the possibility of working together on a project.

“Opining on other people’s bodies but she does not like that they think of her body”, “Chiquis does not like Barbara’s in the bones either, Chiquis at least has meat to grab”, “We do not like the body from Barbara”, “Not good, let her worry about her and everyone with their life”, “If it is not your body you do not have to give an opinion”, “And who gives you the right to comment on the body of others?“Were some of the comments.

The two through their social networks have been in charge of showing what is the importance of maintaining a good figure, a fact that each one has presented from very different points of view.

How did Chiquis Rivera react?

Jenni Rivera’s daughter spoke through her personal Twitter account, it was through this platform that she wanted to make it clear that she will not give greater importance to all those comments that can be made about her body.

“Today I decided that those who don’t love me are still worth it to me. I love myself… and miss boss bees too, so BANANAS! They keep peeling me! #TryAgaian #QueenBee,” she wrote.

To all those who want to harm me in one way or another, EYE, because God takes great care of me. We homies, I don’t play when it comes to me. I’m one of Hi favorites! (We’re friends, he doesn’t play games when it comes to me. I’m one of his favorites!) #BeeAware #BeeCareful ”, he added in another message.

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