But what happened?  Jacky Bracamontes’ husband makes his youngest daughter cry-El Diario NY

But what happened? Jacky Bracamontes’ husband makes his youngest daughter cry-El Diario NY

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Although Martín Fuentes has shared photos and videos on social networks on numerous occasions showing that his daughters like exercise as much as he does.on this occasion he divided opinions due to the attitude he took with one of the little girls while they were on a walk.

Jacky Bracamontes’ husband published a short film in which he is jogging with the five girlswhen suddenly little Paula begins to cry and complain of pain and he, instead of comforting her, makes her continue with the activity.

Watch the video here.

“In this family we all train. Look at the end, Paula cried the last half mile. I’m not cruel enough to let her cry, but we have to teach them that the mind is much stronger than any pain.“Martin wrote at the bottom of the publication.

Among the comments that criticize the businessman’s actions are “Don’t mess with that, she’s almost a baby. I’ll carry her and that’s it”, “Don’t invent, there are limits”, “Poor baby, you’re overdoing it” and “How is it that nothing happens?”

The fracture of 2021

On numerous occasions, Jacky Bracamontes and Martín Fuentes They have taken on the task of sharing on social networks their daughters’ love of high-impact sports and many of their antics and although most of the time nothing had happened to them, unfortunately one of them has just suffered a home accident. .

It was the host’s husband who, through his Instagram Stories, announced that little Renata crushed one of her fingers and unfortunately broke it and showed in a series of videos that the injury did not end there, but also She was left without a nail and had to be treated urgently by a doctor.

“He cut and fractured his finger on a door. “I am impressed with how brave my Renny is,” Martín wrote at the bottom of the shorts. It should be noted that in one of them you can see how the sutures are made to put the nail back in place and she does not show any sign of discomfort or pain.

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