California launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos without education with a salary of $5,100 per month

California launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos without education with a salary of $5,100 per month



If you are looking for new job opportunities in Californiathen you have come to the right place. Today, we present to you a vacancy for employment in which they are looking for an expert in customer service to fill an important position in person with an assigned salary of up to $5,100 per hour. Do you want to apply? Here we share more details about the role and the requirements you must cover.

The Department of Motor Vehicles company is based in Alameda County, Californiawhere they opened a vacancy within their team of collaborators. They are eager to hire a motivated and enthusiastic individual to fill the Motor Vehicle Representative position on a full-time basis with a flexible schedule. Upon being selected, you will be entitled to a complete benefits package, which includes a salary of between $3,530 and a maximum of $5,117 per month, as well as health, dental, vision insurance, employee assistance program, and disability insurance. and retirement plan.

Requirements for the position of representative:

The offer of employment encourages interested workers who meet the following skills, knowledge and experience to apply promptly online. Know the requirements!

  • Ability to interact courteously and efficiently with clients and colleagues
  • Having experience providing customer service is crucial
  • Ability to work quickly and act in a timely manner
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Be a reliable and punctual person
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to make decisions and solve problems
  • Able to work independently and in a team
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Be sensible, a mature, emotionally and flexible person
  • Be patient
  • Have a “customer first” attitude
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How to apply for a job in California?

The vacancy of employment It is published on the Simply Hired portal (here), where you can click to read more information about the Californian company and about the activities to be carried out in the role of motor vehicle representative. In addition, on this page the possibility of sending your resume as well as your contact information is available so that you can be notified in case you are included in the selection process. After evaluating your CV, the second filter consists of an interview to evaluate your experience and skills.

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