Canada launches JOBS for uneducated Latinos who speak Spanish;  WAGES of $29 per hour

Canada launches JOBS for uneducated Latinos who speak Spanish; WAGES of $29 per hour

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If you live in Canada and you are looking for a good job where they pay you the ideal salary, this could be your lucky day and your great opportunity, since there are several vacancies available that have been published through the platform of the Workbench Canadian, where several companies are looking for perfect candidates who can join their work teams and apply.

So if this is your case, here we can tell you what some of the available options are and learn more about them. job vacanciesas well as what they offer, the tasks and responsibilities that you must fulfill, the requirements and even the salary.

It is important to mention that in order to apply for these jobs it is necessary to have permanent or temporary work residence in Canada or a work permit, in addition to speak english and spanishand no studies or any diploma or school level are required.

Jobs for Latinos in Canada

Mechanic helper

This position as a mechanical assistant requires tasks such as: moving tools, equipment and materials, pointing out safety procedures to other workers, maintaining stakes during surveying activities, helping merchants as directed, keeping machines and the work area clean, and you could receive a salary of $28.85 per hour, only apply here.

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Honey farm worker

Another job that is being offered by Bank of Canada It is as a honey farm worker for the company Silver Fern Honey Farms where the salary you could receive ranges from 14 to 17 dollars per hour, and you will have to harvest honey, although experience in apiary and harvesting this ingredient is necessary.

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dairy farm worker

For this job as dairy farm worker you will have to fulfill tasks such as feeding and caring for animals, operating and maintaining agricultural machinery and equipment, taking care of dairy cows, performing general agricultural tasks, cleaning and lubricating machinery and equipment, keeping machines clean and immediate work areas, so you will receive a salary of $16.71 per hour.

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Vegetable farm worker

This job offer as vegetable farm worker focuses on potatoes and offers a salary of $16.95 per hour and tasks must be completed such as: planting, growing and watering crops, sorting and packing fruits and vegetables, taking care of harvest crops, sorting products by style, color, size, length or other criteria, perform general agricultural tasks, cut weeds and brush.

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