Could Meghan Markle be the new Princess of Wales?  This is what Nostradamus says about Prince Harry

Could Meghan Markle be the new Princess of Wales? This is what Nostradamus says about Prince Harry



It’s been two months since we last saw Kate Middleton in public after his abdominal operation, and after the mystery that the British royal family a famous person comes to light Nostradamus prophecy that can put Meghan Markle and the prince harry like the new ones princes of wales, Well, apparently, a famous French philosopher would have predicted the illness of the wife of the Prince William.

It is important to mention that it was in the middle of January when, through the social networks of the princes of wales, it was announced that Kate Middleton had been hospitalized and operated on, but the way in which the matter has been handled has alarmed not only the world press but even the subjects of the crown, since not only has the princess, But there is also very little information about her and her recovery.

Proof of this was the most recent post on Instagram where the wife of the prince william poses with her children for Mother’s Day in the United Kingdomwhere through a statement, the princess sorry for abusing photoshop and photo retouching, But through the web it has been mentioned that not only was the retouching abused, but it could also be a fake image and not be real.

Photo: IG / princeandprincessofwales

What is a fact is that in the midst of their disappearance from the map of the daughter-in-law of King Charles IIIone comes to light prophecy of Nostradamus andwhere it is said that so much Kate as william will cease to be princes of wales, title that would be awarded to the dukes of sussex, but it is also combined with another that points to the death of one of the members of the Royal family, and this is what is known.

Nostradamus and the prophecies about the British Royal Family

According to the latest reports regarding the Kate Middleton’s health, Through digital platforms, a prophecy from the famous apothecary has gone viral, who through his books made known to the world some events that have marked humanity, and now he could have revealed what is currently happening in the world. house of windsor, because things could have been placed in favor of the Dukes of Sussex.

It is important to remember that since 2020, the relationship of the former Hollywood actress and the youngest son of Lady Di with the Royal family is not the best of all, because now that things are worse than ever, the philosopher had predicted that the son of Charles IIIhe prince harry, would be the one who would sit on the throne and become king, so William and Kate they would no longer be the princes of Wales:

“A man who never expected to be king will replace him, that would make him King Henry IX, only 38 years old.” Well, given these statements from his book released several years ago, they could place the dukes sussex like the future kings of England; rumors to which Royal family has not commented on the matter.

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