Couple travels to Nuevo Le贸n to see Coldplay and forgot the tickets at home

The evening on Friday, March 25, Coldplay showed up at the BBVA Stadium, located in Monterey, Nuevo Leon, many people traveled to this city to see british band live, Such is the case of a couple who upon arriving at the concert venue realized that they forgot the tickets.

The history was shared by TikTok user 鈥楳iriambg0鈥, So far your video has a total of 2.1 million views and 142 thousand reactions. They commented that they took a flight from the Mexico City, but when they were already at their destination they noticed that they did not bring the tickets.

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鈥淲e had never missed a flight, we had never forgotten the tickets. This is the first time we travel to another city for a concert and it has been a very bad experience鈥, mentioned the girl named Miriam in another recording.

And what happened next?

Thursday, the companion of the young woman decided to go home to retrieve the tickets, although she found them without complications, she had many problems to access his return flight, everything seemed to indicate that I wouldn鈥檛 arrive on time to the show, as he explained between tears Miriam.

鈥淢aybe it was our mistake, our fault, our carelessness, not having kept the tickets, but they actually sent us the tickets to the airport, he picked them up fine, no problem, he entered the airport fine and could not board he added.

He said that his partner tried to buy a seat for the flight from 10 p.m. at the time of making the payment, the authorities indicated that transaction could be made In addition, they explained that this was the last one, since the trips would resume the next day. at 6 am

For him Friday He wanted to buy a flight for one in the afternoon, however, he did not succeed despite the fact that the charge had been made on his account, a situation that he shared with the airline but they replied that they did not have any seat in his name.

what follows will surprise you

At 4 in the afternoon the company 鈥榓ir Mexico鈥 sent them an email saying that their trip to Monterey had been postponed to 7:00 p.m. with an estimated time of arrival at 8:43 p.m.

When she went to board her trip, she was told that it was very likely that she would not even leave on the indicated time.

In the meantime, Miriam got a message from a guy named Michael who offered to give him the tickets for the next day, thanked him and explained that he would accept them only if his companion did not arrive on time. In the end, her partner chose another airline and yes arrived on time for see the show

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Through his profile on the Chinese social network, he shared different videos of the presentation of Coldplay. In his last update he commented that Miguel told him that keep the tickets and went to see them again the next day, something that They did not hesitate to accept.

note published in The Sun of Puebla

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