Cynthia Rodríguez captivates, elegant and attractive in her white suit

Cynthia Rodríguez captivates, elegant and attractive in her white suit

Cynthia Rodríguez captivates, elegant and attractive in her white suit (Instagram)

Cynthia Rodríguez captivates, elegant and attractive in her white suit | instagram

Elegance, beautyfashion, jewels and a lot of glamour, were some of the things that singer and former host of the show Come JoyCynthia Rodríguez, gave her faithful followers when showing off her spectacular figure in a stunning white suit.

The couple of the famous singer, Carlos Riveraagain left everyone with their mouths open and more than captivated and in love seeing her splurge beauty and a lot of sophistication when wearing an impeccable white tailored suit, without wearing anything else underneath.

Cynthia Rodriguez is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women in the middle of the Mexican show business, who, since she left The academy, when she was a partner of Yuridia, and so far, he has managed to make an impact with his figure, face and talent.

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On this occasion, the singer, made use of her social networks and on her Instagram account, shared a short video in which she is seen modeling like a professional, this outfit filled with glamor and sophistication, but with a very flirtatious by not wearing anything under his jacket.

Impeccable and beautiful, this is what Carlos Rivera’s girlfriend looks like, who, being a fan of exercise and healthy living, demonstrated with this executive outfit that she has a heart-stopping figure.

That touch of sensuality stands out, by showing their beautiful attractions, because they were left semi-discovered when they decided not to wear a shirt or any other garment underneath.

To elevate the outfit, the famous did not skimp and decided to wear a discreet, but elegant pearl necklace with a beautiful and striking red pendant in the center, a color that contrasted perfectly with the white of her outfit. Like a whole model, her styling was also impressive, since she, she opted for a discreet crepe.

Alas, but what elegance from France”; “How well white suits you”; “I don’t know why I feel that there is already a baby on the way”; “I even stopped doing what to do to be able to see the video well. How precious”; “Without the need for so much makeup, you are very pretty, take care of your beautiful face,” her followers commented in the publication.

In less than a day, the popularity of the host is notorious, since she already has more than 42,000 “likes.” It should be noted that some of her followers also expressed that the famous could already be expecting her first baby and therefore paid more attention to her abdomen area.

Some others praised her beauty, but considered that her makeup was very charged, but others affirmed that she abused the filters and that is why the colors were seen more intensely. Cynthia Rodriguezis still in force and in the taste of the public, despite having decided to leave Come Joy to follow her boyfriend Carlos Rivera.

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