Daniel Bisogno reappears with his daughter Michaela in an emotional PHOTO on Instagram

Daniel Bisogno reappears with his daughter Michaela in an emotional PHOTO on Instagram

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Daniel Bisogno He returned to social media a month after being hospitalized and did so with a hopeful message about his health and well-being: on his Instagram account he shared an emotional photo with your daughter Michaelawith which he made it clear that he is fighting and that he is putting all his effort and desire to overcome the illness he suffers from. The image moved her followers and hundreds of people on social media.

The Ventaneando driver left the hospital almost 2 weeks ago and at the time it was said that he left the place not because he was already improving, but because he could no longer pay the million-dollar bill he incurred after being hospitalized for a month and under care. intensive. It was revealed that he was his own Daniel Bisogno the one who requested voluntary discharge for this reason, to carry out his recovery at home.

When this information became known, several of his followers became concerned about his health, since it was also learned that the famous man would have had a relapse. However, he showed that it is in his home where he feels best because he shared an emotional photo with your daughter Michaelawhom he had with his ex-partner Cristina Riva Palacio. Faithful to his habit of staying close to his followers, the famous driver reported how he is doing now that he is at home.

Photo: Instagram @bisognodaniel

The photo with his daughter gave peace of mind to his fans, who were in total uncertainty about the state of health of Daniel Bisognobecause in these days not much had been said about it, only in Ventaneado they reported that it was progressing, but they did not give more information about it. With this image with MichaelaBisogno tries to reassure his followers and make it clear that he is fine and surrounded by the love of his family.

Daniel Bisogno shares a PHOTO with his daughter Michaela after almost dying

The more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram witnessed the emotional photo that Daniel Bisogno posted on the weekend with his daughter Michaela. This image is proof that the little girl is the famous person’s greatest motivation to overcome the illness that he now presents. In the tender black and white postcard, Daniel’s hand appears linked to that of the girl, who surely has not left her father’s side these days.

Photo: Instagram @bisognodaniel

The image went viral and was quickly commented and shared on social networks. The photo was also commented on in Ventaneando and it was Pati Chapoy herself who told how Bisogno is at the moment: “we are very pleased to report that Daniel Bisogno He is recovering in leaps and bounds. On the weekend, do you know who was with him? Michaelaand uploaded this photo, tell me if it’s not cute,” said Chapoy, who also assured that he already wants his partner to recover and return to the program with them.

Likewise, Pati Chapoy said that Daniel Bisogno He is taking his medical therapies at home, while receiving assistance from professionals at home. The journalist assured that he is “doing everything he has to do to recover quickly.” Let us remember that the man also known as “El Muñeco” was discharged from the hospital after spending several days intubated and in intensive care due to a serious lung problem.

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