Dayanara Torres surprises with RADICAL physical transformation after losing 20 kilos |  PHOTOS

Dayanara Torres surprises with RADICAL physical transformation after losing 20 kilos | PHOTOS


Dayanara Torres, is a well-known model and actress who also became known for being Mark Anthony’s partner. Although due to her profession, the model has always been in charge of looking beautiful and staying in shape, it was at the end of 2022 when she made the decision to take care of herself and put her health beyond her physical form in the foreground. . However, thanks to all the measures she took to take care of herself, the actress achieved a physical change. radical.

After the process of weightloss to which she underwent for approximately a year, the model managed to lose 20 kilos, Dayanara He assured that in addition to having made this effort to look better, the change helped him feel very good. The key to success in the process Dayanara It has been the change in habits that he proposed and that he has followed for a year. In addition to improving his diet, he also performs fixed exercise routines.

To be able to formally track the weight loss process you went through Dayanarathe model sought professional advice, she found it at Dharma Clinic, according to a statement from the clinic, the professionals who work there accompanied Dayanara in her recovery process. weightloss helping her with advice on her diet, as well as on the nutritional supplements she should consume.

Dayanara Torres has a powerful reason to take care of her health

Dayanara Torres She is an obviously beautiful woman and shows off the results of this spectacularly. physical transformation radicalHowever, not everything is a merely aesthetic or superficial matter. The weight gain that the host also experienced was due to the fact that, in 2019, Dayanara was diagnosed with melanoma or skin cancer, due to the treatments that she had to follow for a long time, both the model’s health and physique were affected. However, fortunately, she managed to overcome the illness successfully.

The publication of the clinic where Dayanara chose to accompany her in her weight loss process, she highlighted that the model always showed excellent spirit and motivation to move forward and constantly improved herself in each stage of her physical transformation, she also highlighted that the host is an example of strength and modesty. Congratulations on the physical transformation of Miss Universe who fortunately has recovered her good health.

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