Did Luis Miguel try to seduce Elizabeth Gutiérrez? William Levy’s wife responds – El Diario NY

Did Luis Miguel try to seduce Elizabeth Gutiérrez? William Levy’s wife responds – El Diario NY

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Elizabeth Gutiérrez visited the Despierta América house and received the morning with the Hispanic community in front of the Univision screens. During the visit he lived with the hosts of the show and at one point, while they were talking about shows, Jomari Goyso, the chef Yizus and the Mexican actress, the topic of Luis Miguel and his love affairs was broached.

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The conversation arose around the latest statements made by the singer and actress Mariana Seoane, who was asked about the famous interpreter of “La Inconditional.”

Seoane said: “I’m not going to talk about anything because he’s in one relationship, I’m in another… I don’t have to talk about it.” The singer assured that whatever happened with the singer is only part of her past. She also added: “I am very fond of him and I have the best memories of him, because he came into my life at a time when I was emotionally bad and we both helped each other.”

As a result of the above, the famous Univision chef pointed out that he was shocked to know about all the romances that the singer has had throughout his life. Statement that Elizabeth accompanied by pointing out that many of these romances continue to date today, as reported by People en Español magazine.

This comment aroused the interest of Jomari Goyso, who did not hesitate to want to know if Luis Miguel at some point could have shown his interest in Elizabeth Gutiérrez. The question made the protagonist of “El Fantasma de Elena” blush, who also did not hesitate to laugh at it. But without any problem she declared: “No, I didn’t go there.”

It must be remembered that Elizabeth met William Levy many years ago when they were both part of the reality show “Protagonistas de Telenovelas”, in its second season which was seen in 2023, since then they began their relationship and remain together to this day. They are also parents of two teenagers: Christopher and Kailey Levy.

For this reason it seems impossible that Luis Miguel could have had a chance with Elizabeth, since one could even say that their paths have never crossed. Furthermore, the 44-year-old Mexican is not known to have any other romantic relationship other than with the father of her children.

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