Does Shakira say goodbye, definitively, to Gerard Piqué with “Las Mujeres No Ya Lloran”?  – The NY Journal

Does Shakira say goodbye, definitively, to Gerard Piqué with “Las Mujeres No Ya Lloran”? – The NY Journal

Shakira has been reborn with “Women Don’t Cry Anymore”. And after months of speculation, the Colombian released her twelfth album on March 22 where she makes two things clear: Gerard Piqué has been definitively left behind in his life and the new Shakira has emerged from the pain and suffering of his former relationship.

Through an event at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida, the singer officially presented her new album material after 7 years of her last work in a recording studio with “The Golden”.

In the company of a large number of guests and international music stars, such as Anuel AAamong others, Shakira guided attendees to an immersive experience where he showed the emotional and creative process he underwent to bring “Women Don’t Cry Anymore”.

It should be noted that seconds before the revelation of the material, the interpreter of “Waka Waka” made history as the first Latina artist to obtain, with “Women Don’t Cry Anymore”, a 7X platinum album. And even though the album had not yet been officially released at the time of recognition, the impressive pre-sales of the album gave this honor to the Barranquilla native.

What is Shakira’s new album about?

Despite being announced since the beginning of the year, “Women Don’t Cry Anymore” became an object of “study” in recent weeks thanks to the variety of previews that the Colombian shared on her social networks. Topics like “La Fuerte”, where she speaks with an open heart about her feelings after her separation from Gerard Piqué More than 2 years ago, they made it clear that the Colombian was ready to leave her previous life behind.

Shakira performing in a show.

And that was precisely what he confirmed with the release of the entire album, where songs like “Última” mention his intention to welcome a Shakira funnier, lighter and looking towards the future with her friends. It is worth remembering that the artist, in an interview prior to the release of the album, mentioned that she is in a stage of her life focused on friendship and not on the love of a couple.

With other songs like “Puntería”, along with Cardi B, Shakira He reveals his most uninhibited and free side: “Your biceps make me feel crazy, I never address you, you always reach my G-spot.” Something similar happens in “Cohete”, next to Rauw Alejandrowhere she makes herself feel full and focused on her: “baby, I just long to be with you, to love us in some corner and eat each other without any complications, there is no greater pleasure than touching you, no one like you makes me flow.”

“Entre Paréntesis”, in collaboration with Border Group, Shakira It is noticeable with a more empowering and decision-making attitude. Meanwhile, with “Tiempo Sin Verte,” he leaves her claims behind to focus on her. Finally, with “How, Where and When”, she perceives herself as old-fashioned and longed for. Shakira. “Nassau”, released days ago through a small preview, is also considered a small song to love with which to get lost.

Women Don’t Cry Anymore” is found on digital platforms in addition to physical stores through vinyl.

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