VIDEO: Horse collapses from exhaustion after walking tourists

VIDEO: Horse collapses from exhaustion after walking tourists

Witnesses captured the moment when a horse collapsed from exhaustion after walking some tourists.

A video caused outrage among network users after witnesses captured the exact moment in which a horse collapsed from exhaustion.

According to the first reports, the animal fell to the ground after passing some tourists through the streets of the Historic Center of Mérida.

This fact unleashed criticism related to the animal abuse suffered by these quadrupeds that are used as a “vehicle.”

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In the clip that was broadcast on the networks, it was observed how the horse fell to the pavement and then remained lying for a long time in the same place.

Likewise, it was specified that the horse was pulling a buggy with tourists

Likewise, in the recording you can see how two people try to lift the animal, however, they were not successful.

Tourists who were at the scene of the events were the ones who recorded this event that caused an uproar on the internet.

Some of the comments that this clip caused were the following:

“Because they can’t do something right for the ptm animals.”

“They have them standing for hours, they can’t stand their little legs.”

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“Damn unfortunates! Get to work instead of exploiting the poor animals.”

“When do they stop profiting from them and impose sanctions?”

So far the video has more than 39 thousand views.


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