Drake lights up social media by announcing a possible collaboration with Peso Pluma – El Diario NY

Drake lights up social media by announcing a possible collaboration with Peso Pluma – El Diario NY

It is a secret to no one that Featherweight He has become one of the artists with the greatest projection and growth during the last year throughout the world. This, logically, has allowed him to “strengthen ties” with various stars in the music industry such as, recently, the superstar drake.

It is worth mentioning that in previous weeks, Featherweight was seen as part of the VIP audience of the concert that drake It happened in the United States. In said show, and thanks to a large number of videos, it was possible to see how the Canadian came down from the stage to greet his “guests”, among whom was Featherweightto whom he shakes his hand, mentions a series of words and finally hugs him.

But no matter how “cordial and normal” the greeting between drake and Featherweightthe truth is that this action could have been the beginning of a working relationship that has gained greater strength thanks to the rapper’s recent publication.

Drake and Featherweight together

In recent days, the Mexican singer Chinese Bales announced their next collaboration, together with Featherweightwith a photograph where both artists are seen inside what appears to be a recording studio.

Although so far no further details have been revealed about the song that the Mexicans are preparing, the revelation of the image generated great expectations among the followers of the singers and even himself. drake.

Featherweight performing in a show.

And just a few hours after the publication of Chinese Balesthe Canadian shared the image, through his official Instagram account, with the legend: “It’s coming right now…”.

The above, logically, generated a large number of theories and expectations regarding an upcoming collaboration between Featherweight and drake or even between the previous two and the Mexican Chinese Bales. Others, meanwhile, mentioned that the action of drake It was “pure professional courtesy” towards Featherweight.

Despite the diversity of theories, there is no doubt that both artists have begun a working relationship that promises results soon.

It is worth mentioning that, in previous interviews, the man born in Jalisco mentioned Drake as his second favorite artist after Kanye West: “I have always said that my greatest inspiration was always Kanye West and, after Kanye West, Drake. For me, these two are like my biggest idols and if one day I have the opportunity to meet them, it would be a dream come true for me.”

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