PHOTO: Vittoria Ceretti, Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, sparks engagement rumors by wearing a luxurious ring – El Diario NY

PHOTO: Vittoria Ceretti, Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, sparks engagement rumors by wearing a luxurious ring – El Diario NY

At 49 years old, Leonardo Dicaprio He has become one of the most “well-known” bachelors in the Hollywood industry. And despite maintaining and having maintained a relationship with a large number of women in his life, he has decided to put aside his commitment, and subsequently, fatherhood.

Likewise, and as part of the “legend” around the winner of the Oscarit has been mentioned on countless occasions that the actor only usually dates women under 25 years of age.

Despite all of the above, DiCaprio He could be very close to leaving all these rumors behind due to the revelation of a photo showing his current girlfriend, Vittoria Cerettishow off a luxurious ring.

Leonardo DiCaprio posing.
It has been rumored that Leonardo DiCaprio only dates women under 25 years old.
Credit: Mezcalo

Is Leonardo DiCaprio getting married?

In this image, which has gone viral on various social networks, you can see the “Titanic” singer alongside Ceretti in what appears to be a Mexican food restaurant in the city of Los Angeles.

Although the image does not have further details, it can be noted that the American’s young partner has a luxurious and characteristic ring on her right hand, which has raised rumors about a possible engagement among the actor’s followers.

It is worth mentioning that the rumors of the supposed engagement were reinforced after noticing that the model does not wear the same ring in any other image on her social networks or at any other event.

Likewise, it is worth noting that despite the appearance of the ring, it is not known exactly if it is an engagement ring. According to various reports and sources close to the couple, DiCaprio and Ceretti They began their relationship in the summer of last year after they were seen kissing at a club in Ibiza City, Spain.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn

In previous weeks, a Playboy model named Hieke Koningsrecently revealed the meeting he had with Leonardo Dicaprio in the city of Los Angeles a few years ago. According to the Dutch woman, she was in a private club when she noticed that the actor was in the same place.

After a few moments of exchanging glances, the model said that one of the American’s bodyguards approached her to invite her to live with him. DiCaprio. After a while, Konings She revealed that the interpreter invited her to his house, to which she said no.

Upon hearing this, the actor only told him: “I respect that.” Later he walked away and went to another woman whom, according to the model, he “took home.”

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