Dream debut: Santi Giménez scores a brace against Lazio in less than 26 minutes in the Europa League

Dream debut: Santi Giménez scores a brace against Lazio in less than 26 minutes in the Europa League

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Santiago Gimenezthe striker for the Mexican National Team made his debut in the UEFA Europa League with Feyenoord and he did so with the right foot, as he scored two goals in the 26 minutes of action he had.

Although the feeling of the game was bittersweet for the Mexican, because his team lost 4-2, he was left with the satisfaction of having scored a brace in their first match in European competition against Lazio, a club with a long tradition in Serie A.

The “Little boy” he entered the field at minute 64, when his team already had everything against them, since they were down on the scoreboard 4-0; however, the entry of the Aztec player and other movements made by his coach, Arne Solt, changed the face of the team and thanks to Giménez’s annotations they managed to leave a more decent score.

The goals of the Mexican attacker came in minute 69 and at 88, the first by way of penalty, after a foul committed on himself, when he wanted to finish off a ball and found the Italian team’s defender’s studs; “Bebote” immediately asked for the ball to collect the penalty, which he converted into a goal moments later, by inserting the ball into the net, between the center and the left zone of the goalkeeper, who threw himself to the other side.

He got the second goal as a reward for his good placement inside the areawhen shooting just two meters from the goal, after receive a ball that came from a rebound after crashing into the crossbar, which he only had to push to the bottom of the goal.

Unfortunately for the Mexican and his teammates there was no time for more and they lost the first three points they played in the competition, although the tournament is still very young.

No one knew “Bebote” in Lazio

At the end of the match, in an interview for Fox Sports, Lazio’s Spanish midfielder, Luis Alberto Romero, confessed that before today they did not know who the Mexican was who scored two goals for them, although he downplayed it and

I did not know who he was, I have seen him on the bench with his last name in Spanish and someone from the bench told us that he was Mexican. Then he entered the field and I heard him saying things in Spanish, good for him, but I’m happy for the win“, he expressed.

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