Eduardo Yáñez reacted to the comparison with Will Smith, turn the other cheek!

Will Smith broke the social networks and the awards of the oscars when he couldn’t take a joke from the comedian Chris Rock against his wife Jada Pinkett Smitha moment that brought back for many a memory of what happened with Eduardo Yáñez.

The Mexican actor lived a similar incident with an entertainment reporter where he couldn’t take any more questions about his family to end up dropping a punch. Therefore, Yáñez broke the silence and decided to talk about comparisons that emerged on social networks after what happened with Will Smith.

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Eduardo Yanez shared his opinion with various reporters and in different spaces about what happened with Will Smith to what he said prefer not to take sidesbut who understands the anger he may have felt when Chris Rock decided to remember the medical condition that his wife lives.

I believe that respect comes from respect and words are also bullying, you can bully people with words and you don’t know, you should be in Will Smith’s shoes, as you should be in my shoesexplained the 61-year-old Mexican actor

“What they did to Jada was terrible, it’s terrible that a friend to gain followers, sympathizers makes fun of a person’s condition or illness.”

Also, he made it clear that each case is different and “he is not going to get hooked” to be the only thing he talks about with the media, so what happened with the American actor is totally oblivious to him and prefers to focus more on Will Smith’s achievements after receiving the award for Best Actor than in controversy.

I don’t know what scope it will have (the attack on Chris Rock)… I was left with the redeemable, which is this man’s Oscar; the union between the fellow actors who went to console him, what a great union. We should learn a little about that he explained.

Yanez commented that he is not the cause of the memes and comparisons that emerged on social networks and that on his part what he is looking for is promote your career and his jobs, so he has already “slammed” the incident he experienced.

My situation happened more than three years ago and I don’t really include that in my interviews. What I want is to promote what I am currently doing, otherwise I will never take that step. And you, I think, neither, “said Eduardo Yáñez. “Enough of talking about that, in a good way. I’ve been an actor for about 40 years and I don’t think slapping is what I’ve done in my career, so I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”.

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Regarding the incident that Eduardo Yáñez experienced, it occurred in October 2017 in Los Angeles, California while performing the Pantaya Movie Service red carpet. he was the reporter Paco Fuentes from the program “El Gordo y la Flaca” on Univision television who found Yáñez to begin with the questions.

At that time, the son of Eduardo Yáñez was in a controversy, because he had experienced an accident in the United States while driving his car. To repair the damage to his vehicle, the young man decided to open an account on a donation platformwhich brought several criticisms for him and his family.

“If you are so worried about my son, you send him the money, you go and tell him,” Yáñez responded to the questions, to which the reporter stated that the people were the ones who were worried. “That’s shit, that’s what you say so that people get involved in what they don’t care about. You are not the bond of anything and do not disrespect me anymore.

Thereafter, Eduardo Yáñez released the slap with the right hand directly to the reporter’s face. Later, Paco Fuentes filed a lawsuit that ended by win in 2020 and received a economic compensation for what happened.

Originally posted on The Sun of Puebla

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