Georgina Rodríguez wrapped in crystals for the Latin Grammys

Georgina Rodríguez wrapped in crystals for the Latin Grammys


Georgina Rodríguez wrapped in crystals for the Latin Grammys (Instagram: @georginagio)

Georgina Rodríguez wrapped in crystals for the Latin Grammys | Instagram: @georginagio

Cinderella? The little Mermaid? No, it’s about the beautiful model Georgina Rodríguez, who looked so good for the events of the Latin Grammys 2022 who was compared to multiple fairy tale princesses, since all her outfits were worthy of a complete fantasy.

The most important fashion headlines in the world do not stop talking especially about the blue dress that she was wearing for the morning event of Person of the Year 2022, which managed to highlight her curves with a very fresh elegance.

This year, tribute was paid to the singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Soliswho received this important title from the Latin Recording Academy at the Islander Ballroom at Mandalay Bay, in the company of great celebrities such as Thalía.

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For this occasion Georgina Rodriguez She stole looks in a sky blue dress, the trending tone for this fall-winter season, which was fully covered with Swarovski gemstones, making her literally shine in the crowd.

The designer in charge of this marvelous work was Ali Karoui, working closely with the 28-year-old businesswoman in the design of the garment, since it was she who contributed the ideas to reach this captivating final result.

Georgina Rodríguez wrapped in crystals for the Latin Grammys. Source: Instagram


On his Instagram, the designer dedicated the following words to Gio: “My beautiful muse @georginagio in a custom dress completely crystallized with crystal @swarovski The dress was designed by me and gio,” it could be read.

In the comments section of the publication made by the model herself, thousands of messages from her followers praising her dress were seen, reaching in a short time the number of more than 2 million heart reactions.

“But what a beautiful friend, how proud to see you there”, “Dear Georgina, will you marry me and we can have a good time together in a room?”, “Cinderella from a story”, “The dress was everything! Just like Cinderella “WOAH it’s called Gio’s own magic,” fans expressed.

As if that were not enough, the wife of Cristiano Ronaldo was attending the Latin Grammy ceremony last Thursday, November 17, in Las Vegas with the purpose of presenting an award on stage.

The Latin Recording Academy was calling her to present the award for Best Pop Vocal Album, this despite not dedicating herself to the world of music, demonstrating the size of her impact.

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