Google pays tribute to Lola Beltrán with special doodle – 24 Horas

Google pays tribute to Lola Beltrán with special doodle – 24 Horas

As part of the celebrations for the 92nd anniversary of his birth, Google launched a special doodle in honor of the Mexican singer Lola Beltran; This artist is remembered for her enormous talent and her successes in making ranchera and huapango music famous.

Considered one of the greatest exponents of Mexican music, ‘Lola the great’ was born on March 7, 1932 and unfortunately he died on March 24, 1996 due to pulmonary thrombosis.

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Originally from Rosario, Sinaloa, and with a statue in his honor, both in Mazatlán and in Plaza Garibaldi From Mexico City, Lola Beltrán not only worked in the musical field, she also participated in some films from the golden era.

Movies like “Mexico Beautiful and beloved”“Cucurrucu paloma”, “The bandit”, “Road of Guanajuato”“To hell with women” and others, are just part of her extensive filmography that led her to further immortalize her figure.

Lola Beltrán’s Greatest Hits

Emerging from the church choir and after winning a singing contest on the radioLola Beltrán began a very fruitful musical career, leaving all those who witnessed her performances stunned.

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Songs like “Paloma negra”, “Cucurrucucú paloma”, “Huapango torero”, “La rielera”, “La cigarra”, “Mil amores” and others were one of the songs that were reflected in the musical culture of our country and that have placed it alongside other great exponents such as José Alfredo Jiménez or Lucha Villa.


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