Home remedy for gray hair: They will go away in 3 days using only 3 ingredients

Home remedy for gray hair: They will go away in 3 days using only 3 ingredients

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According to the aging takes place in people’s lives, one of the signs that is most feared, without a doubt, is white hair. Although there are many looks that seek to vindicate them, and that, in fact, achieve great results; Most people look for dyes to hide any hint of white hair. However, since there is so much allergy to commercial ingredients, or fear of losing hair due to touch-ups, there is nothing better than home remedies.

It’s easy to think of a complicated formula for doing this, but in reality, it’s something that can be summed up with the number three: three days and three homemade ingredients. He Home remedy that we will quote to remove the white hair in just three days, it is also very economical. You will not need to go to department stores or buy any kind of specialized clothing to start giving that touch of youth to your hair. Next, everything you need:

The 3 ingredients that eliminate gray hair in 3 days

  • A bag of rosemary
  • A little sage
  • A green tea bag

Once you have the herbs that were mentioned to combat aging of your hair, all you have to do is boil a liter of water. When the bubbles start to come out, you will put the three bags of rosemary, sage and green tea inside. Try to keep them on the heat for 5 to 10 minutes; Paying attention to ensure that the mixture does not overflow (lower the heat if necessary). Later, when that time passes, strain the resulting mixture and store the liquid in a separate container. It is necessary that said container close well so that it rests for 24 hours.

Finally, when the mixture has rested, it will be ready to be applied. Ideally, you should keep the jar with the mixture in the refrigerator, always carefully closed, as if it were a treasure. Additionally, it is recommended that you get a soft brush for application. To place it in your hair and start eliminating your gray hair in three days, separate your hair into strands and spread the mixture little by little. Then let this Home remedy sit on your head for an hour (put on a shower cap in the meantime.)

After that time, take off your hat and wash your hair as you normally do. Remember: carry out this task for at least three days and ensure that your shampoo is free of parabens for best results. It is worth mentioning that the more you use this home remedy, you will notice how more of your white hair They regain their old color. Keep in mind that the mixture will be much more effective if you have never used commercial dyes, or if it has been a long time since you last did so.

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