Honduran and two Guatemalans are among the workers officially killed in the Baltimore collapse – La Opinion

Honduran and two Guatemalans are among the workers officially killed in the Baltimore collapse – La Opinion

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Honduran Maynor Suazo and two Guatemalans, ages 26 and 35, are part of the six people declared deadfollowing the collapse of a bridge in Baltimore after a cargo ship collided with that structure and caused it to collapse.

Suazo’s brother confirmed to NBC that the family was informed about the immigrant’s disappearance early this Tuesday. “The hope we have is to be able to see the body… we want to see it, find it, know if he is dead because we don’t know anything,” he said.

The Guatemalan Foreign Ministry reported in a press release that two compatriots aged 26 and 35originally from San Luis (Petén) and Camotán (Chiquimula) are missing after the accident.

For his part, the Foreign Minister of Honduras, Enrique Reina, said on his the accident.

The Secretary of Transportation of the state of Maryland, Paul Wiedefeld, indicated in a press conference that two people were rescued.

The authorities have set up a meeting point near the port for affected families. Close friends have indicated that the majority were Latin Americans.

“They are demanding a response and that their expenses be covered, but above all they are in ‘shock,'” César Presidente, who knows the brothers of two unlocated employees who are of Salvadoran origin, told Efe.

The Mexican consulate in Washington, DC, said in a statement that local authorities have not yet confirmed the nationalities of the victims. but they are working to provide support to any affected Mexican.

The accident took place around 01:30 local time, when the freighter “Dali” collided with that bridge built in 1977.

Part of the investigation lies in analyzing the damage caused to the bridge structure and no dates have been given regarding its possible reconstruction. “Not only is it going to be rebuilt, but it is going to be done in a way that remembers those affected by this tragedy,” the governor of Maryland, Democrat Wes Moore, told reporters.

The port has been paralyzed and only truck loading and unloading activity is allowed. The area is also blocked to traffic and the press, which can only access about 1.6 kilometers away.from where you can see the blocked ship with its containers and the bridge cut dry in the air.

Honduras expresses condolences and solidarity

The Government of Honduras expressed its condolences and solidarity to the United States this Tuesday for the collision of a container ship against the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, which has left at least six people missing.

“In relation to the accident on the Baltimore bridge, our sincere condolences to the families of the victims and our solidarity to the Government and People of the United States,” indicated the Honduran Foreign Minister on the social network X.

The general director of Protection of Honduran Migrants, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tegucigalpa, Wilson Paz, indicated that the Washington Consulate “is already coordinating with the competent authorities to obtain information on whether our compatriot is part of this event”.

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