How bad is Bruce Willis?  Demi Moore is already preparing to FIRE the actor

How bad is Bruce Willis? Demi Moore is already preparing to FIRE the actor



Considered as one of the consolidated actors of hollywood, Bruce Willis surprised in 2022 by announcing his retirement from the film industry after being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, and whether he is a wife or the mother of his daughters, Demi Moore They have been responsible for keeping an eye on their process, but the actress from ‘Sexual Harassment’ surprises everyone after it became known that he is preparing for the worst; Is the protagonist of ‘Die Hard’ in serious condition?

It is important to mention that according to the different updates of your status actor’s health, which was made public thanks to his family, but without a doubt despite being divorced from Willis for more than 20 years, she is still a good support for the one who was her husband and father of her daughters, since she has remained very close to him and her treatmentbut apparently things are going from bad to worse.

It should be remembered that since the end of 2023 it was announced that the conditions of the hollywood actor which is remembered for films like ‘The Sixth Sense’ and ‘Glass’, were increasingly criticized, since apparently it even had complications to communicate, and even a friend close to him said that he could be very depressedthis because I would have already lost the delusions and desire to live in the midst of disease.

But now, a media outlet has announced that the actress of films like ‘Indecorous Proposal’ and ‘Hasta el limit’, is preparing for the hard moment in which he has to say goodbye to his great friends and life partner, because apparently she is also going through the hard grief of having to say bye to the father of her daughters, so the alarms They have lit up around your health condition.

How is Bruce Willis feeling?

And a source close to the famous 61-year-old actress revealed to the medium InTouchthat Demi Moore has had to adopt “a new perspective on life”reasons why her ex-husband and even her new partner see her as good support and do not leave the German-born alone for a moment, but apparently this process has begun to affect her.

Although it is claimed that the Bruce Willis health They remain at the same level without getting worse but without improving either, she has sunk into a depression when she sees the father of her daughters in such conditionsreasons why: “she has been reviewing her life with him and is grateful for all the things they have been through”; yesHowever, it is a quite difficult process:

“It’s bittersweet, but also inspiring. She greatly admires Bruce and is preparing for her emotional goodbye,” the source close to the celebrities revealed.


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