How many of Nostradamus’ CREEPY predictions have come true so far in 2024?

How many of Nostradamus’ CREEPY predictions have come true so far in 2024?

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The prophet Nostradamus has maintained his popularity over time because with his ability he managed to visualize important events in history. According to his testimony the year 2024 It will not be free of important events that will mark the course of society as we currently know it, but let’s know what the creepy predictions of Nostradamus that have been fulfilled so far 2024.

According to scholars of the texts of the famous prophet in 2024 great changes will occur for the human race, according to the information provided by the prophet, 2024 will be a year full of important natural disasters, it is enough to stop for a moment to observe the events related to climate change that have occurred in different parts in the world, for example, in the United States.

According to prophecies The death of an extremely important person worldwide will also occur. According to some scholars, this statement could be related to the death of a representative figure such as Pope Francis, who is currently 86 years old and who has gone through some problems. health problems that have kept him away from work for brief periods of time.

Other predictions from Nostradamus for 2024

One of the predictions that could certainly be considered creepy is that the prophet of French origin predicted that a Third World War would occur around 79 years after the Second World War occurred, this assertion could be related to the recent conflict that occurred in Ukraine or also the war problem that has shaken the people of Palestine.

In another global aspect, Nostradamus He assured that the earth will begin to reproach all the damage caused by humans, which is why the climate will begin to become extreme, possibly causing floods, snow avalanches and unbearable heat waves that would affect various areas of the planet. This can be closely related to climate change, which has even caused warming of the oceans.

Finally, the prophet pointed out that a major earthquake would occur that would cause the loss of thousands of human lives in a tragic way. This prediction can be related to the earthquake that hit Morocco, causing thousands of deaths and hundreds of people who lost everything and They were even isolated for a few days due to the conditions of the affected land. do you believe in predictions of this famous prophet?

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