How to make an emergency appointment to obtain an American VISA and who can do it?

How to make an emergency appointment to obtain an American VISA and who can do it?

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The basic and essential requirement to enter state Joined is to have some type of American visa that will be processed according to the reason for the trip that the beneficiary wishes to make, many people consider that the visa american It is tedious or cumbersome and that is why they abandon it or prefer to stay with the desire to travel to that country due to the challenge involved in obtaining accreditation.

However, there are some visas, for example, the tourist one that offers benefits not only of recreation for the person applying for it, this type of visa in particular can also be requested for the purpose of requesting medical assistance in state Joined. For this type of case there is even a system of quotes of urgency in which immigration authorities can assign a emergency with the consular officer to expedite the process.

To request this consideration, the applicant must have sufficient documentation to prove that they intend to enter United States territory due to a emergency True, these types of appointments are not assigned if the applicant must travel because they already have paid reservations or because they must attend to a non-essential work activity. These types of appointments are granted in the event of a true emergency.

These are the cases in which an emergency visa can be processed

The Department of State of the state Joined knows that some people have an urgent need to make a quick trip to the United States, which is why it has taken on the task of specifying who the ideal candidates are to request this type of visaswe share with you the assumptions that are provided for by the country’s immigration authorities: the first is that the applicant or his minor child may require emergency medical treatment.

When making an express trip for essential work reasons, you must also have the relevant documentation to prove it. Another scenario is that a direct family member dies, suffers an accident or suffers a serious illness within state Joined. It can also be processed if it is an exchange student, the last case that is allowed is that the person must make an unforeseen trip for journalistic, cultural, economic or sports reasons. In the event that the request for visa by emergency is not accepted, the procedure must be carried out in the usual manner.

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