How to win a Tesla Model X Plaid while helping provide clean water and food to families in need

The Tesla Model X Plaid it鈥檚 a highly desirable electric vehicle, with its sleek styling, blazing-fast acceleration, and cutting-edge technology. Unfortunately, the Model X Plaid is very expensive and it鈥檚 out of the price range for most car buyers. However, a new Model X Plaid can be yours if you enter and win an Omaze contest. Contest proceeds support organizations that provide clean water to underserved communities.

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X. / Photo: Courtesy Tesla.

How do you win a Tesla Model X?

You can win a new Tesla Model X Plaid by entering the Omaze contest. Like other Omaze contests, the Model X giveaway supports a worthy cause. Proceeds benefit GivePower and 501CTHREE, helping them in their efforts to provide clean, safe water to underserved communities..

As detailed by Omaze, 鈥淕ivePower is on a mission to help the approximately 1.4 billion people around the world who do not have access to safely managed drinking water. The nonprofit organization uses its deep expertise in solar energy to power and provide clean water, food security, and light to regions in need around the world.鈥

Omaze states that 鈥501CTHREE sits at the intersection of innovation and storytelling, bringing attention to solutions that will help build a cleaner, more sustainable, and more hopeful future. Its mission is to serve as a new kind of nonprofit organization for a younger generation focused on energy, food, water, and housing.鈥

Tesla Model X Plaid Contest Specs and Features on Omaze

The Tesla Model X Plaid is a highly exclusive and 鈥渋n demand鈥 vehicle. The waiting list for a new Model X Plaid is currently six months long, but if you win the Omaze contest, you can get it sooner.

With the Model X Plaid, the lucky winner will enjoy world-class performance with lightning-fast acceleration. On the contest page, Omaze states: 鈥淪upercar stats aren鈥檛 the first thing you think of when you hear 鈥楽UV鈥. But that鈥檚 exactly what you get with your new Tesla Model X Plaid.鈥

How to Enter the Omaze Contest to Win a New Tesla Model X Plaid

If you鈥檇 like your chance to win a new Tesla Model X Plaid, head over to the omaze and enter your data. While a donation is not required, it is encouraged. The giveaway runs from now until June 25, 2022. Omaze will announce the lucky winner of the Model X Plaid contest around July 13, 2022.

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X. / Photo: Getty Images.

The Model X Plaid in the contest has a retail value of $148,517, and taxes and shipping are included for winners in the United States. Alternatively, instead of the Model X, you can choose to receive a cash payment of $111,387.75.


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