Juan Soto responds forcefully to the boos: “I know they are almost as frustrated as I am”

Juan Soto responds forcefully to the boos: “I know they are almost as frustrated as I am”

Juan Soto no ha mostrado su mejor cara con los San Diego Padres.

The fans of the San Diego Padres do not want to wait any longer and demand that their top stars give everything for everything. This time they booed one of their top acquisitions, Juan Soto, in the game against the San Francisco Giants.

In this sense the Dominican baseball player was forceful in his response and stated that perhaps the fans were almost as frustrated as he was.

As reported by the portal Extra timethe bad batting streak of the Caribbean is the reason for the boos of the public against one of the top stars in the MLB.

Verbatim words of Juan Soto before the boos of the public

After the boos, Juan Soto responded. “I know you’re almost as frustrated as I am.. They want you to be successful. They want the team to win. I bet you they don’t want to pay a ticket to see the team lose, ”she pointed out forcefully.

This situation is new for a player who was an idol in the Washington Nationals and that now a process must begin in which the San Diego Padres put a lot of money and results are being demanded of them. Added to this is the loss of Fernando Tatis Jr.

Juan Soto’s numbers

It should be noted that Juan Soto in 28 games adds an average of 242 averageincluding three home runs, three doubles and six RBIs.

Without a doubt, they are numbers well below the average expected for a contract of the caliber of Juan Soto and who also had historical figures for Major League Baseball.

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