Julio Cesar Chavez or Canelo Alvarez? The “Great Mexican Champion” sent a strong message to the claims of the Tapatio

The comparisons between Canelo and Ch谩vez are more and more constant.

The comparisons between Canelo and Ch谩vez are more and more constant.

Photo: Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

Who is the best boxer in the history of Mexico? That has been the main discussion as a result of the constant achievements of Saul Alvarez. The comparisons are direct: Canelo or Julio Cesar Chavez. Despite the many opinions, the 鈥淕reat Mexican Champion鈥 has a firm, blunt and well-formed position on the matter.

(The best Mexican boxer) I will always be me. No matter how many championships Canelo wins, he will be his story, but always the best Mexican champion will be me鈥, Julio C茅sar Ch谩vez sentenced in an interview with Eduardo Lamaz贸n, compiled by Aztec Sports.

One of the main reproaches to Canelo鈥檚 career has been that lack of connection with Mexican fans unlike the one Julio C茅sar Ch谩vez achieved in their moments of glory. Sa煤l 脕lvarez is highly criticized even by his countrymen who constantly question his status as a boxing idol. Under these arguments the 鈥淐aesar of Boxing鈥 is sustained.

As long as I don鈥檛 touch the affection and love that Mexico has for me and wherever I go, nothing happens. He can win 5, 10 or 30 fights and nothing happens. I鈥檓 glad he keeps breaking records, that he keeps making history because he has earned it, nobody has given him anythingChavez explained.

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