K-drama: The 5 best Korean dramas you can watch on Netflix

K-drama: The 5 best Korean dramas you can watch on Netflix

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Spring break is coming and if you’re not going on a trip, you’re probably looking for interesting streaming series alternatives that will captivate you so you can stay home and enjoy while you rest. We share with you the 5 series of korean k-drama that you can enjoy through Netflix. It is a golden opportunity if you have seen some reviews or advertising on networks and you do not know what this new trend that comes with everything is about.

If you are a film lover you can also go into these productions that, due to their quality and plot, have left more than one with their mouths open and on the edge of their seats. The beginning of this movement arose from the film “Parasites” that triumphed at the Oscars thanks to its narrative and the atmosphere that its producers managed to create. For this reason, Koreans have not stopped in making high-quality productions.

A factor that also influences the success of this type of production is its aesthetics, which for many people conveys information that accompanies the story and provides detailed information about the personality and environment of the characters. The movement of cinematographic and audiovisual creation offered by koreans It complements the already existing movements of K-pop music, and K-beauty, which promotes cosmetic products used in the country with great success worldwide.

These are the 5 streaming series that you can’t miss on Netflix

The main character Chi-yeol tells his love story with a few touches of drama, this romantic comedy shows us the romance of the protagonist, a successful school instructor, with Haeng-sun, who is an athlete on the national handball team. The protagonists meet because Haeng’s niece must prepare for her university entrance exam and will require the help of the talented teacher to achieve it, but the romance is not a dream, everything could be complicated due to the fame of the instructor.

This story revolves around female empowerment, it has been one of the K-dramas most successful whose first season was released in 2022, in fact, until mid-2023 it continued to be one of the most viewed streaming content on the platform Netflix occupying third place. The central theme of this story focuses on how victims of bullying seek justice.

This K-drama It has touches of science fiction and thriller, ideal for lovers of suspense. The story takes place in an apartment complex that is about to be invaded while outside some monsters are destroying the world as we know it. In the second season, the story focuses on how life is going for people who are outside trying to survive.

  • The monster of old Seoul

This series has a much more historical and true cut, the K-drama It focuses around 1945, a time when the city of Seoul was under Japanese rule and how the inhabitants had to risk their lives to survive. The story focuses on a businessman and a detective who must go through complex situations to survive. in a very hostile environment.

This series is full of secrets and suspense, in this K-drama The story of the protagonist is addressed, who is a girl who, by chance of fate, receives an inheritance from a distant uncle whom she did not know. The inheritance consists of a cemetery, this space has a unique vibe and keeps the darkest secrets. The story begins to unfold when a series of mysterious murders begin to occur.

We share a little of these with you K-dramas so you can choose the one you like the most according to its story or according to the style of content you like to see the most, there is everything from romantic comedy to science fiction, action and suspense. Make yourself a big bowl of popcorn and invite your favorite people to marathon and enjoy the best K-content.korean drama available in Netflix.

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