Karely Ruiz poses in a hot PHOTO next to a Maserati MC20 worth 7 million pesos

Karely Ruiz poses in a hot PHOTO next to a Maserati MC20 worth 7 million pesos



Considered as one of the latin beauties most sensual of the social networks, Karely Ruiz He is not afraid to show his best charms through the digital platforms, Well, on this occasion he took the opportunity to show one of his most great passions, and it’s about his love for luxury carsso a couple of days ago his brighter side exploded glowing in a car valued at no less than seven million pesos; here we show you the images.

It is important to mention that the star from Monterrey, only 23 years old, has completely taken over social networks, thanks to her sensual and daring content that she shares through her social media account. OnlyFans, The model can now boast of a life full of luxuries and without the same restrictions that he lacked in his childhood, but his work has allowed him to buy cars that he only saw in his most big dreams.

And the young model has always shared her love for speed and cars from the most exclusive and expensive brands in the industry, and proof of this was the gift she gave herself for her birthday last November 2023. where he bought a luxury car, a Maserati in silver color in which the Instagram star and now he repeats the formula without shame for the criticism he has earned in the Web.

It is worth remembering that just a couple of months ago, the star born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon lost his official Instagram profile, but now Karely Ruiz was finally able to re-verify an account of said platform in which he has not held back from continuing to upload his sensual content, and now with just over a billion followers, the young star of the content page for Adults boasts what appears to be its most recent acquisition, and it is a new luxury car.

What is Karely Ruiz’s new luxury car?

The 23-year-old Mexican girl once again boasts that she is a fan of the famous Italian firm, Well, on his Instagram account he shared a series of images of his new car, and it is a Maserati MC20 in oxford color, and this piece of motorsport is valued at seven million pesos, and the best of all is that he does not disappoint in the way he shared it with his thousands of fans.

And the model showed off in one of her characteristic silver and transparent outfits where her best charms were visible because she also posed right next to him. beautiful luxury carbecause just a few days after its publication, the publication has already exceeded 83 thousand likes from its loyal fans and these are some of the comments they have made to the model.

“You look beautiful, equal to or more than the Goddess Aphrodite”; “What a perfection of a woman”; “You are beauty Karely”; “You are divinely precious in my life; enjoy the silver Maserati”; “What a beautiful car but what shines the most here is you @ karelyruiz.of, your heart,” have been some of the compliments that his fans have given him.


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