Kimberly Loaiza is again accused of “bad mother” for “bad treatment” of Kima

Kimberly Loaiza is again accused of “bad mother” for “bad treatment” of Kima


Kimberly Loaiza is again accused of a

Kimberly Loaiza is again accused of “bad treatment” of Kima | Instagram

The internet celebrity Kimberly Loaiza is in the process of releasing new music but she does not stop doing her duties as the “queen of the internet” because she also commented through her Instagram stories that today she would record a new video with a dynamic with his followers.

Well, in the aforementioned dynamic, the millions of fans of the interpreter of “bye bye“They would perform a very important function for their new material, since they would do one day but with only decisions that they make, that is, they upload a survey to their Instagram about what they should have for breakfast, they give two options and the one with the most votes wins, eating it’s.

So their stories would quickly fill up because all the decisions were made by their cuties, the options, like situations were fun, “normal” to a certain extent, but there was a decision to the fans, which some did not agree with that Kimberly Loaiza I’ll add it for them to choose.

Well, her cute three-year-old baby Kima was asleep and asked fans if she should wake her up “in a good way” or “in a bad way”, the older cutie took a photo of the little girl sleeping peacefully while she poses on one side of her waiting for the results.

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well some internet users They did not think that their daughter’s peace of mind or her well-being was put at stake in this way, because “waking her up badly” only for a YouTube video did not seem to please them very much.

Though Kimberly Loaiza He did not show the results that they won, it is not known how the baby would be awakened, causing the curiosity to know if she is well to be activated, for his part, it is not the first time that he has created an accusation of these against the older cutie , as she is heavily criticized for raising her children.

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Kimberly Loaiza is again accused of “bad treatment” of Kima

When the influencer has tried to explain on several occasions that the education she gives her children is not all that they see in her videos, so they should not get involved in it, despite all these comments, she has not commented on anything In this regard, Kim simply continued with his dynamic.

Just like on Sunday September 4 when in a live of tik tokthe fury of the internet was unleashed because Juanito ate a spicy fry and took a while to provide him with water, what the biggest cutie did with this controversy was simply ignore it and let it pass.


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