La Opinión: Communication, a key ingredient for a good family life – La Opinión

La Opinión: Communication, a key ingredient for a good family life – La Opinión

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We talk with Claudia Powell on a fairly strong topic, but one that greatly influences the Latino and Hispanic communities in the United States.

On the podcast Opinion Today and we talk about a topic that is important to put on the table and that is communication so that our children do not fall into any kind of addiction problem.

“Communication is talking, but also listening, I believe that communication between families is important because what it does is make families strong and it gives us all the opportunity within the family to talk about the situations of our values, which is what what we are going through and well at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles we have issues in the community,” he said. Claudia Powell.

Powell noted that “it is family communication and the importance of opening those lines between parents and children and talking about difficult topics such as drug prevention, such as talking about sexuality, These issues in our community are not really heard because there are times we do not open those lines of communication and we do not have those spaces, but I believe that having the tools to talk with our family about difficult topics is very important.”

How can we strengthen this communication?

Claudia Powell: “I think the most important thing is to be open to hearing things from our young people that perhaps we are not used to, As a Latin community, on many occasions we are thinking that we do not know what to answer when they ask us a question, But I think hearing that is the question.”

Also hear from them, perhaps they have more experience, they have heard many things, but what cell phones have done in this time, is that they give our young people more opportunities to search within social networks, within the media and any questions they have then when we have a conversation with them. Firstly, I think it is giving them space, looking for spaces where there is not a lot of noise, one of the things that worked for me when my children were growing up was when we were driving because they were not seeing my face nor was I seeing their face. face, but I asked them how your day was and having these spaces where you are alone with one of your children, there are not many people and I believe that these opportunities give us the space to have the conversation.”

“And apart from that, so that they answer us honestly, another thing that is important to pass on our values ​​is to our children, because our values ​​are what we would like, but at the end of the road also being open to the fact that our values ​​are not necessarily going to be what they want to do, we can think that our value is not having a sexual relationship early, getting married without to have a sexual relationship early, but perhaps that is not the idea, but by passing on that value we are raising awareness of what it is that we would like.”

At the end of the road, I believe that we are also giving them the power, so that they can make informed decisions on issues such as drug prevention, such as preventing early pregnancy.I believe that this idea of ​​talking about these difficult topics in the community is very important because they make our families strong. We know that when we talk about difficult topics it can give us the opportunity to have that intense and important relationship that we have to have with our children. for the rest of our lives.”

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