La Opinión Today: 94% of ‘dreamers’ with DACA are employed – La Opinión

La Opinión Today: 94% of ‘dreamers’ with DACA are employed – La Opinión

The Deferred Action Program for Childhood Arrivals, better known as “DACA”is synonymous with opportunities to both study and achieve better jobs and salaries for the so-called Dreamers. Jesús García, a journalist specialized in Immigration Policy and National Affairs at La Opinión, shared some more information with us about everything that this program represents for this sector, as well as the risks it faces today.

“This report, which is very interesting from the Center for American Progress, which gave it to La Opinión exclusively, was published this Monday and well Well, basically it is the report of a survey that they have been doing for 10 years to see what the state of the Dreamers is. and the benefit they get through Dhaka and what results is very interesting because 94.1% indicate that they are obviously employed, which dismisses the rhetoric of those who criticize the program that many of these young people are not really taking advantage of the opportunity it offers them,” García explained.

There is a growth of around 5% compared to 2019, which seems minimal, but it is really substantial and has reached almost 100%. We are not seeing that people protected with Daca“they are working and not only that, but also the fact of having a job has allowed them to obtain a home and obtain their first car, for example, for many of them when they managed to obtain protection, so that is very important because I have been obtain from buying a home, from purchasing, from helping the American economy both locally, state and nationally, because well they have to pay taxes is part of the process that is experienced not only that, well, by also increasing the income that they are having, well obviously they move the economy much more,” he added.

A group of people demonstrate in front of the Capitol in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Thursday, October 6, 2022, in Washington. The sign reads: “DACA is temporary, our home is here.” (AP Photo/José Luis Magaña)

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