These are ALL the privileges you lose when you renounce your US citizenship.

These are ALL the privileges you lose when you renounce your US citizenship.


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The spirit of belonging to an external nation to which we were born is one of the sensations that thousands of people experience and for these reasons they immediately sought citizenship, but in the case of USA If you already have it, you can give it up, and although the process is relatively easy, you can also lose great privileges and this is what you need to know about it.

As is already public knowledge, obtaining the naturalization of the american union open different doors and opportunities to which foreigners who are considered as those who were born in this country have access territorybecause they get the same rights And till obligations, and although the process is through the approval of a civic knowledge test and of languageThere are also those who no longer want it and intend to give it up.

It is important to mention that according to experts, losing nationality It implies that you stop being American citizen, but he also offers to voluntarily renounce his citizenshipso this also implies losing the great privileges that this is offered to the people, who got it, and below we are going to present them to you so that you take them into account.

What does it mean to renounce US citizenship?

It should be noted that according to the federal law of the USAa national citizenship either naturalized American can voluntarily renounce, since the legislation refers only to the cancellation of the naturalization obtained and this also makes them end the opportunities it offers, since the term used specifically is to lose and stop having rights and responsibilities as a citizen of this nation.

It is important to mention that by ceasing to be a American citizen According to the law of the North American nation, these are the great privileges which you would renounce if you want to leave this status within the country:

  • You will no longer be able to live or work in the USA permanently.
  • Citizens who want to stop being Americans will no longer be protected from being detained for immigration reasons and will be deported again.
  • Again, you are going to be deported to your home country for violating certain US laws.
  • You’re going to lose your United States passport.

Be careful, it is important to mention that the right to vote for the politics of the USA Therefore, you will not be able to elect the rulers of this country, so you must take this into account if your plans include ceasing to be a citizen of this country.


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