Livia Brito at 36 years old took a selfie without any cloth on her to say “good morning”

Livia Brito at 36 years old took a selfie without any cloth on her to say “good morning”

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The actress Livia Brito through her personal Instagram account He had a rather particular way of saying “good morning” to his more than seven million followers of the aforementioned platform, because he did it without any clothes.

The Cuban decided to pose in a rather sensual way, while in the back she has a mirror and it can be seen that she has no clothes on. Thus, he made up his mind to cover his butt a bit with part of the text he wrote.

Recognized from the moment she got a role in the telenovela ‘Triunfo del amor’ was not afraid to challenge nudity policies that the renowned platform has, because they censor this type of content to prevent it from becoming a social network in which only these types of publications are seen.

Nevertheless, the company took no further action because his personal account is still active, although for Brito it was not something that he thought could cause him some kind of inconvenience. Therefore, he shared it without fear.

You are precious”, “I love you my Livia”, “Good morning precious”, “Precious”, “Beautiful lady“, were some of the comments that were recorded in the tweet. However, the original publication was made through the stories of the camera’s social network, considering that it is a content that is only shown for 24 hours and is automatically deleted when that established period of time expires.

With a mischievous look and loose hair, Livia made it clear that she is not afraid of selfies and neither is she afraid of the comments of others about what she does outside of her work, because apparently she would be happy with what she shows her fans about her Personal life.

However, she does not always make this type of publication, because a few days ago she shared a rather tender one accompanied by her pet, while the content was accompanied by the following message: “That someone knows you in your worst moments that does not get scared or walk away, but chooses to be with you, is a beautiful demonstration of love“.

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