Marjorie de Sousa reveals part of her voluptuous breasts after lowering her sweater

Marjorie de Sousa reveals part of her voluptuous breasts after lowering her sweater

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The actress Marjorie de Sousa continues to cause sighs in her more than nine million followers of the Instagram social network, due to the most recent publication she made on her profile. the venezuelan she made quite an impression by being sexy without being vulgar.

In turn, Julián Gil’s ex-partner on this occasion decided to wear his hair loose, while his look is sensual and many of the Internet users liked it. The wardrobe was undoubtedly the most that the users of the aforementioned platform liked, and it is that she posed with a sweater that made more than one get lost there.

The striking thing about the garment was seeing that she was not wearing a brawhile she stretched the fabric enough. In that way, she ended up showing her voluptuous breasts. In addition, the post was accompanied by thanks to the people who achieved the work that was portrayed.

In turn, the comments that were recorded were mostly quite positive, due to the number of compliments he received for posing in such a sensual way as he did in that photograph. For this reason, a large part of Internet users highlighted not only her beauty, but also her talent that is evident on the small screen.

“Bella”, “Beautiful, my love”, “So beautiful, great, you are such a perfect and beautiful queen that I will never be able to forget you”, “How beautiful”, “Of course I do like you Mar'”, “Woow, what beautiful and wonderful”, “Beautiful”, “Beautiful”, “Very pretty”, “Beautiful”, “You look very beautiful”, “Charming woman”, “Always beautiful, I love you”, “Thanks to you, for existing”, “How beautiful”, “How pretty and beautiful you are“,” “I love you, love,” “I fell in love, help,” “Precious from here to the moon and a thousand more blocks,” “More beautiful than ever,” “Thank you for giving us your talent, love, and charisma,” were the expressions that were recorded in the post.

Marjorie de Sousa premieres Christmas song

Matías’s mother through her Instagram profile shared how good she feels, because one of the most tender times of the year is approaching, where many love to be with their closest loved ones.

“He is the best companion that God put me on the road, the best teacher. I appreciate everything in my life to be able to reach my son. We are to support foundations and bring food to animals to a shelter. We donate food to some tigers. (He tells me 🙂 ‘Mommy, I want to help.’ She is always wanting to do things, ”she mentioned exclusively for People en Español.

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