Messi’s bodyguard was removed from the BBVA stadium pitch and had to watch the game in the stands – La Opinión

Messi’s bodyguard was removed from the BBVA stadium pitch and had to watch the game in the stands – La Opinión

Just like for the Argentine star Lionel Messi, this Wednesday night on the field of the BBVA stadium It was not one of his best nights for his personal security agent, the american Yassine Cheuko, since contrary to his habit of watching the games near his protégé, he had to watch the actions between Rayados de Monterrey vs. Inter Miami from the stands after being removed by the Concacaf commissioner from the field of play, as established by the competition regulations.

Maybe in Major League Soccer (MLS) games, when the South Florida team plays at home At Chase Stadium, a whole series of privileges are allowed to its top star, but in international matches, the former member of the United States armed forces had to abide by the provisions of the official who governed the legality of the match. or else, he would have had to be removed by the security forces from the Monterrey house.

In other matches in the local North American league, Messi’s bodyguard He had moved like a fish in water and even in several MLS stadiums he has been allowed to stay alert at dawn to prevent fans from approaching the Argentine star.

Even with Cheuko’s work, last Saturday a young girl managed to get past security and she was able to approach Messi to take a photo, being protected by the Argentine player himself so that the members of the Chase Stadium field staff would not rudely remove her.

For this initiative of the teenager, her father must pay a fine of 15 thousand dollars that was imposed on her by the board of directors of the South Florida team, but in the end, for the Messi follower, the effort was worth it and she has boasted about it on her social networks.

But now, in the minutes before the opening whistle, Cheuko was asked to leave the field of play by the Concacaf official and at first he seemed to refuse, but in the end he had to abide by the provisions of the governing body of this meeting.

Imago 1499517
Messi’s bodyguard was checking various things at the BBVA stadium, 24 hours before the game, although in the end he was removed from the field of play when hostilities began. Photo: Andrea Jiménez/Imago7.

Obviously, the security personnel and with experience in the United States military, He could not have been close if any fan dared to jump onto the field in search of the precious photo or the long-awaited autograph, which, without a doubt, represents a challenge for his work, especially the money that Inter Miami paid for his signing. .

The bodyguard accustomed to this type of work, He has gained a negative reputation for his exaggerated way of acting in various events where he has been present, Messi, however, are the functions for which he was hired and he has to carry them out to the letter.

To go no further, last Tuesday upon Messi’s arrival at the Monterrey airport He did not allow even the air to get close to him, which is why the star of the Argentina national team seemed distant to the Monterrey fans who tried hard to be close to their idol, but without achieving their goal.

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