Mr Doctor reveals messages sent by Aislinn Derbez after criticism of her podcast – 24 Horas

Mr Doctor reveals messages sent by Aislinn Derbez after criticism of her podcast – 24 Horas

Through his social networks, the doctor and influencer known as “Mr Doctor” leaked a conversation he had with Aislinn Derbezthis after ensuring that the diseases “they heal with emotions”. The influencer shared several screenshots of the messages he received after criticizing these sayings.

Let us remember that this controversy arises as a result of the podcast “The Magic of Chaos” by Aislinn Derbez where she invited the doctor Nirdosh Kohra, Bodhi Medicine Specialist. In this chapter, some comments were made mentioning that emotions can be used to cure some diseases such as cancer.

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After the publication of this podcast, Thousands of people launched a wave of criticism against the daughter of Eugenio Derbez, since they assured that he was only misinforming people with those messages. One of the characters who strongly criticized this episode was Mr Doctor himself.

After pointing out the dangers of reproducing this type of messages, Mr Doctor revealed a series of messages sent by Aislinn Derbez to her Instagram account, where she indicated that His criticisms were made to “hang on to his fame.”

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After that, Aislinn invited Mr Doctor to “open your mind” and given the opportunity to investigate a little more about these alternative methods. This leak earned him an increase in criticism against him after what he said on his podcast.

Until now, Aislinn Derbez has not mentioned anything about the messages sent to Mr Doctorwhile users called to download the video published by the “The Magic of Chaos” podcast, as they point out that it only calls for misinformation.


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