Myrka Dellanos from ‘La Mesa Caliente’ clarifies her position regarding the result of Miss Universe

Myrka Dellanos from ‘La Mesa Caliente’ clarifies her position regarding the result of Miss Universe

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The presenter of ‘La Mesa Caliente’, Myrka Dellanos last weekend was in charge of integrating the Miss Universe jury to define the winner of the year 2022. However, many people around the world They disagreed with the result and, through their social networks, they were attacked. For this reason, he was once again obliged to explain what was requested in the organization.

“Unfortunately, perhaps you want it to be only the most beautiful woman, that it is only physical beauty but there is an integral beauty. A They personally instructed me that what they wanted was for it not to be a beauty contest anymore. What they want is a world ambassador who can appear before the UN to talk about certain issues that concern them, to be a person who already serves the community,” Dellanos said during the broadcast of the aforementioned program.

In turn, the comments did not wait, after the result obtained last Saturday, and it is that those who took the time to enjoy the contest on January 14, were the same ones who said they gave their favorite vote. .

Internauts explained that “the Venezuelan” was one of the most prepared to take responsibility for wearing that crown for a year, at the time it was branded as one of those that was “very well prepared”.

“The public are the owners. We vote on the Miss Universe page and with our audience we do rating ”, “Excuse me but I do not see such integral beauty in the USA when its reign from the beginning is flawed by fraud”, “Attacking Myrka and she was not the only judge”, “But it was not the correct one, the USA did not express itself correctly”, “Myrka that contest has already been damagedthe Venezuelan was very well prepared”, “The Venezuelan is comprehensive, the jury was wrong”, “If they want a comprehensive woman, go to the UN”, “So they justify what they want, you can see the seams of robbery”, “There is no discussion” were part of the words that were recorded in the post.

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