Pato O’Ward is sorry for his fans after the crash in Long Beach in the IndyCar – La Opinion

Pato O’Ward is sorry for his fans after the crash in Long Beach in the IndyCar – La Opinion

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Duck O’Wardthe Mexican representative in the indy car could not maintain the good pace in the 2024 season and finished the Long Beach circuit in 16th positionafter impacting his partner, so he sent a message to his followers explaining the situation.

This Sunday in the California race, the Monterrey-born driver suffered the setback very early, when the peloton was still very compacted and in the fountain roundabout He couldn’t avoid colliding with his teammate Alexander Rossi.

The accident cost him a penalty and he was sent to the back of the grid. This, added to the fact that he never seemed comfortable in his car during the race, meant that he could only recover to sixteenth position, something that fans did not expect from him, after arriving in second place on the first date of the championship in St. Petersburg.

Given this, the pilot from Monterrey showed his face,He took responsibility for the error and regretted his actions.for the team and the fans who came to support him on the street circuit.

It was a mistake on my part: I miscalculated how much the grill moved backwards when we got to that area of ​​the fountain. I didn’t calculate it well, I hit Rossi and then they hit me”, he explained about the highest moment he had in the race.

I feel bad for the team, for all the fans who came here to support. The good thing is that we have a race next weekend, so we can recover quickly,” said the Arrow Mclaren driver optimistically.

After this race, the Mexican dropped from second to sixth place with 54 points.

The Long Beach race was won by the New Zealander Scott Nixon of the team Chip Ganassiwho jumped to second place in the drivers’ championship with 75 units, only below Joseph Newgardenwho is 87 and runs for the team Penske.

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