“Pollo” Briseño reveals the cabal of the Chivas shirt with Athletic Club: “It was a thank you for a tour” – La Opinion

“Pollo” Briseño reveals the cabal of the Chivas shirt with Athletic Club: “It was a thank you for a tour” – La Opinion

Antonio “Pollo” Briseño, Chivas defender, It didn’t take long to reveal the details that led the members of Athletic Club to use a Chivas shirt as an emotional boost for such important achievements as the Copa del Rey title and the dispute for a direct ticket to the Champions League and everything came together. due to a form of gratitude from the members of the Basque team for the attention of the red and white defender to organize a night tour after the friendly game they held last July 2023

Briseño revealed the details with a bit of suspense through his personal account on the social network “TikTok”, where he gave details of how he became friends with the Athletic Club defender, Iker Muniain and how the story of the cabal of the shirt that Basque players have used since the past arose. month of October 2023 when they began to add an important streak of won games and that has not stopped in their great achievements this season.

“Last July we faced Athletic Club in a game celebrating that they play with only Basque players and we only play with Mexicans. Then, before the game, “Chapo” Sánchez, Iker Muniain, Veljko Paunovic and Ernesto Valverde visited the center of Guadalajara to take some photos. There Iker tells “Chapo that they want to form a group and if he recommends where to go out to have fun after the game. It was pre-season and well, “Chapo” told him that he was the one who could help him, it was “Pollo” Briseño. He gave him my number and we got in touch.”

Briseño added that after contacting the Basque player, “He explained to me what it was about. So I searched with my contacts and recommended one of the few places that open on holidays and Sundays. “That’s how we agreed, I got them a van with 23 people and in the end there were only fifteen players.”

THe also revealed that: “The game ended, they went to rest and at around 10 p.m. I arrived for them and we went to the place where I didn’t want to be so invasive, they had fun, I was talking with Iker, with Williams, with Iker’s brother. I was drinking my water and when they came out I started singing the “Pollo Briseño” song. Then I started laughing and after thanking him, that was it.”

But the best was yet to come, since that shirt began to detonate like a mental impulse For the Athletic Club players, “later, around October 10, Iker sent me a message, who told me that they had hung up their shirt and that they were praying to him to give them luck, because they started the League strongly in the first five games.”

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The hosting skills of “Pollo” Briseño detonated in a great sentimental story in the Athletic Club title in the recent Copa del Rey and where a Chivas shirt had a lot to do with it. Photo: Sandra Bautista/Imago7.

He also added that: “on January 17 of this year, Iker tells me that things are going much better, “They beat Barcelona and then that thing about the shirt, I say it was one of those ideas that we players have like wearing the same shorts, the same cap, things that don’t fail.”

Briseño left the second part of the story in suspense, but the root of this whole story of Athletic Bilbao’s motivation to win the Copa del Rey and which could be publicly known was when “Pollo” received the videos sent by Iker, from the locker room. and about the celebration, “then I shared it with some family and friends, leaking it to the press and which I did not want to make known, because it is a story between us, but it had a happy ending.”

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