Portal 12-12: The zodiac signs that will see their FORTUNE grow before the lunar eclipse

Portal 12-12: The zodiac signs that will see their FORTUNE grow before the lunar eclipse


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Numerology and astrology They have a huge surprise for 2 Zodiac signs who will witness a financial miracle in the coming days: before the lunar eclipse and thanks to the portal 12-12just a couple of horoscopes They will be the lucky ones who will see their fortune grow, so they will go from having lacks to having everything and enjoying a life of abundance, wealth and luxuries. Find out if your sign is one of the lucky ones and enjoy this good energy.

Mirror hours are considered special moments with powerful symbolic meaning; specifically, the 12:12 It is associated with the idea of ​​completeness and balance. The number 12 is considered a unique number that represents wholeness, perfection and harmony. When it appears in your life, it means that a change awaits you in your professional destiny, so important projects will arrive that will bring you a lot of money.

The next lunar eclipse will be on March 25, 2024 and will begin at 05:53 on March 25; In some places it will be very visible, while in others not so much because the phenomenon coincides with the Worm Moon (during the eclipse, 98% of the Moon’s surface will be covered by the Earth’s penumbra). This energy that will be released, in combination with that of the 12-12 portal, will bring wealth and economic growth for several Zodiac signs.

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Zodiac signs with growth of their FORTUNE before the lunar eclipse

According to the astrologya, 2 Zodiac signs Those who could experience a growth in their fortune before a lunar eclipse are those whose main element is Fire. These horoscopes They will also have the privilege of wealth and abundance thanks to portal 12-12 which will cause an increase in positive energy in your finances, which will have a significant impact on your wallets and bank account.

  • Leo (July 23 to August 22)

The lunar eclipse will illuminate areas of the lives of those born under this Zodiac sign related to creativity, leadership and public recognition; This could translate into opportunities to excel at work, receive recognition, and increase your visibility in your professional field. Obviously, this luck will generate unique financial growth, so your fortune will go to the heavens and beyond. To this horoscope It is recommended that you save and invest with everything you earn.

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  • Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

This Zodiac sign He is another of those who will see his fortune grow before the lunar eclipse on March 25. According to the predictions of the astrology and with him portal 12-12increased wealth will come from opportunities related to work and entrepreneurship. The lunar eclipse could prompt Sagittarians to seek new knowledge that will lead to successful financial opportunities. Without a doubt, this horoscope You will be very lucky with money.

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