Sandra Cuevas gives away ‘Cheetos in bulk’ as part of her campaign – 24 Horas

Sandra Cuevas gives away ‘Cheetos in bulk’ as part of her campaign – 24 Horas

The mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevaswho joined the ranks of Citizen movement (MC) as the party’s candidate forl Senate of the Republicgive ‘Cheetos‘generics as part of their election campaign.

A couple of weeks ago, Sandra Cuevas was seen distributing oranges in minibuses as an alternative to not contaminate with so much electoral propaganda. Although it has not been the only thing that the mayor of Cuauhtémoc has granted during her campaign to the inhabitants of CDMX, and that has led to controversy.

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Well, this Wednesday the name of the leader of “Operativo Diamante” became a trend on social networks, after users shared images showing plastic bags full of bulk Cheetos Poffs-style fries with a picture of Nieves.

This choice of snacks would have been because they are the same color of the party to which he joined since last March 1 in search of the senatorship.


As expected, Internet users were quick to express their positions regarding this Cuevas alternative, as they accused it of giving away junk food to the population, inciting poor nutrition.

Additionally, they point out that Cheetos are apparently not the original PepsiCo Cheetos. but rather they are “generic, ducklings or pirates”, since they look very similar to those sold in bulk in the markets or raw materials.

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“It would have been great if instead of a card it had been snack sauce”

“Sandra Cuevas staying up late making her bags of Cheetos to win your vote”

“Thank you Sandra Cuevas for giving me a bag of poor quality Cheetos, which were packaged by the intern who gets paid with a cake and his cheve.”

“Chetos” shabby, current, huge and in bulk!… Ha ha ha! “Very representative”


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