Sean O’Malley on Ryan García controversies: “Becoming famous at a young age is dangerous” – La Opinion

Sean O’Malley on Ryan García controversies: “Becoming famous at a young age is dangerous” – La Opinion

Sean O’Malley, UFC bantamweight champion, spoke about Ryan García’s erratic behavior in recent days and He believes that becoming popular at such a young age made him famous to the head.

In an interview with BoxingScene, O’Malley indicated that García could be going through “a little phase” and advised him to surround himself with good people who would keep him focused on his career to continue growing as a professional.

“He’s a young kid and he made a lot of money. Becoming popular and famous at a young age is dangerous. The money, the fame, goes to your head. It seems like he doesn’t have good people around him. You need good people around you to keep you focused so you can keep moving up. It’s not that I can’t do it, maybe I’m going through a little phase,” said the MMA fighter.

Ryan Garcia
Ryan García has generated a lot of controversy about his behavior in press conferences and social networks. Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy Promotions.

Notably, in a live broadcast on X Spaces (formerly Twitter) last week, Ryan García admitted that he was high and that he smoked marijuana and drank like anyone elsewhich generated great controversy, since some thought that he could be using cocaine, a rumor that he himself denied at the press conference in Los Angeles.

I want to clarify something. I don’t use cocaine. “I drink and smoke marijuana… and the majority of the people in this room do the same,” the boxer clarified.

Although It is unknown if this is a publicity tactic to promote the fight with Devin Haneyhis fans and ex-wife Drea Celin have shown concern for the Californian’s mental health and do not believe that his current behavior is simple trolling as he has made it seem.

In fact, many followers and even the Haneys think that King Ry He will abandon the fight after all the controversies he has generated due to his drug use and his erratic behavior in press conferences, interviews and social networks with just a little more than a month left until the most important confrontation of his career, which could crown him world champion for the first time.

CE 28585
Devin Haney and Ryan García in their first official face-to-face at the press conference in Los Angeles. Photo Courtesy: Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy Promotions.

Ryan Garcia, 24, moved up to 140 pounds after his first loss in the sport and He made his successful debut in the new category after knocking out Óscar Duarte to try to be crowned world champion. The Mexican-American boxer has a record of 24 wins (20 by knockout) and one setback in his professional career.

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