Chef James Tahhan talks about the arrest warrant that was issued against him – El Diario NY

Chef James Tahhan talks about the arrest warrant that was issued against him – El Diario NY

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He Chef James Tahhan He was for many years one of the most beloved hosts on Hispanic television, as part of the cooking section on the program “Un Nuevo Día,” Telemundo’s defunct morning show.

Tahhan left the morning newspaper several years ago and is currently a successful businessman. Above all, his television process and outside of this he spoke with Rodner Figueroa, for his program “Cara a Cara”. In this YouTube space, the chef talked about how he was the one who alerted Rashel Díaz of his dismissal from the program. Pointing out that thanks to his high contacts in the chain, he knew that the decision had already been made. And that was also how he knew that his finale in the show was also a fact.

However, beyond all these revelations, it was striking to know that he had received an arrest warrant against him. Figueroa asked his interviewee about a restaurant that he had opened together with Raúl González, co-host of Despierta América. And it was here that he revealed that it had to close, because unfortunately the space where it had opened did not have the necessary permits for the sale of alcohol.

He explained that when he found out about the arrest warrant, his lawyer advised him to disappear for at least 48 hours, until the issue was resolved. Since the problem itself was not with Tahhan or González, but with the hotel where the restaurant had opened. The hotel itself should have processed the permits, but it never did.

Starting at minute 42, the public can hear everything that happened with this arrest warrant:

Prior to this topic, James remembers how his life changed overnight, after an event that got out of hand, for which he was judged, accused and sentenced by many. It all happened in 2018, for the World Cup in Russia. The Venezuelan made a gesture that was seen by many as racial discrimination. This mistake changed his life and to this day he continues to pay, sometimes, for this mistake.

Regarding this fact, he remembers how he sought help and advice from Rodner Figueroa, even though they were not friends at that time. However, Figueroa without hesitation gave him his support. He also remembers how the actor Kevin Hartalso wrote to him to offer his hand in this difficult moment.

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