Shohei Ohtani analyzed what it will be like to face his former Los Angeles Angels teammates – La Opinion

Shohei Ohtani analyzed what it will be like to face his former Los Angeles Angels teammates – La Opinion

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have all their batteries focused on the 2024 Major League Baseball seasonwhere they will have in their ranks the star player of the moment, the Japanese Shohei Ohtani, who will be debuting in the opening match with the team’s classic uniform, something that the team is preparing to receive all the chaos that will occur, especially when the Japanese player must face his former team, the Los Angeles Angels.

Ohtani’s position on the matter was revealed through information published by The Athleticwho remembered the 6 years he was playing for the Los Angeles Angels, especially after the Dodgers were defeated in a shutout, 4 runs to 0 against the Angels.

The Angels will always be in the hearts of the Japanese

I was thinking about the Angels throughout free agency before I signed because they were on my mind. Once I signed, it was a done deal. So I felt like we had to turn the page and focus on the season with the Dodgers,” said Shohei Ohtani.

The Japanese was asked about how he thinks the reaction his former teammates will have in Anaheim will be. once they see him dressed in the Dodgers shirt, and the Japanese was quite clear in his thoughts and feelings about it:

“A lot of the guys were here today, so I was able to catch up with most of them.”Ohtani said. “They didn’t really give me a hard time. It was more of a lot of congratulations. “They are happy for me.”

Angels and Dodgers: What’s the difference?

I don’t want to compare organizationsbut the Dodgers definitely have a different theme, a different color,” Ohtani said.

The new Dodgers superstar reunited with his former teammates, especially the star and leader in Anaheimslugger Mike Trout and others before the game.

Trout had a very pleasant moment with the Japanese and also took the opportunity to congratulate him for having managed to win his second Most Valuable Player award of the regular season, before the Angels’ victory over the Dodgers in a Spring Training game.

Ohtani confessed that it is normal for him to think a lot about his former teammatesin the Angels organization.

The Washington team has a place in Ohtani’s heart, but he believes it’s time to turn the page and to focus on the new episode he is experiencing in his personal and sporting life as a player for the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to information from The Athletic site.

It should be noted that Shohei Ohtani could not get a hit against the Angele Angels last Tuesday afternoon, and at the same time, has made it clear that he is ready to start focusing on the new era with the Dodgers where he hopes to win everything and have a good performance that will continue to lead him to break records and be considered the best baseball player today.

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