Simon Cowell went too far with botox

Simon Cowell went too far with botox

More stretched than gum was the producer and judge of “America’s Got Talent” (NBC) Simon Cowell, who appeared with a new look after injecting botox in his face.

Despite the fact that last August he commented that he regretted the abuse of facial fillers, after a terrible result, the regret lasted what a sigh and he stepped back into the office to get rid of a few years. But again it seems that he was overstretched.

The 63-year-old music mogul shared a video on Twitter in which he talks about the program he is a part of. Far from attracting attention for the novelties of the show, he did it because his skin looks wrinkle-free, he has lost weight, his teeth are so white they shine, his lips look beyond strange and he has a strange expression on his lips. eyebrows.

The reactions on the camera’s social network did not wait and there were so many negative comments that Simón Cowell had to take down the publication.

Months ago, when he had his first aesthetic disaster, the British commented to The Sun that “there was a time when I think I went too far… The other day I saw a photo of myself from before and I didn’t recognize myself, it looked like it was taken from a horror movie”. He added that his son would get scared every time he saw him.

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Photo: courtesy Twitter
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