The 3 main reasons why Canada can DENY YOUR visa if you are Mexican

The 3 main reasons why Canada can DENY YOUR visa if you are Mexican


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It is no secret to anyone that the last few days have been some of the most surprising regarding the relationship between Mexico and Canada, Well, last February they announced the Visa application for the originators of aztec countryso below we are going to present you what would be the main reasons why they could reject your request, so you can consider it for your next trip and not have any setbacks.

According to the announcement made last February 29or this year 2024, this measure was taken by the Canadian Government as a defense mechanism against increased asylum applications from Mexicans, and although this measure had been relaxed since 2016, it has now once again been one of the main requirements For people looking to enter the North American country, and came into force immediately in March 1st.

What is a fact is that some cases have also come to light in which this will not be requested. documentand one of them is that Mexicans have the American visawhich apparently will also open the doors to the country led by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but you must also be aware of what the requirements fundamental for the canadian formatsince the reasons that we are going to present to you below could leave you without it and the entire process will be rejected.

Why can my Canada visa be rejected?

It has been through different updates by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), where it was announced that applicants must take into account that there are also reasons why the visa can be rejected, it is even said that it can be deny the eTA, the permission that is requested from those who already have the American visa and this is what you should keep in mind:

  • Being under supervision for security reasons, including some such as espionage, violence or terrorism, or even belonging to an organization that violates human or international rights.
  • Medical reasons that may endanger public health or cause excessive demand for health or social services.
  • Not having the financial support to cover the trip and stay and trying to provide false information.

And just like the case of the American visa, Your process goes through an investigation by the Canadian authorities who upon detecting any of these irregularities will finish your application as soon as possible, so you must be as transparent as possible so that they can get the visa approved and do not have any setbacks with your trip to said North American country.

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